Friday Evening August 2
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TIME Spent with family    Is worth Every SECOND
Holomshek Family Ancestry by Dana Lynn Leasure Dear Family,  Years ago before I had children I spent time digging though Ancestry, Ellis Island ship manifests, and old Census records. I found Grandpa and Grandma Holomshek. Both came from a small town called Tuchla, Austria or Tuchla, Galicia. This small town is about 10 miles inside the south eastern border of present day Poland. Though, neither one of them are Polish nor did they speak that language. In that time, this region would be considered to be under Lviv as the nearest city, which is in present day Ukraine. Back then, there was no what are we? Technically, we were then considered “Ruthenian,” which mostly amounts to the fact that we could be considered Carpatho-Rusyn, a Slavic ethnicity spanning the Carpathian Mountains and beyond. I myself would identify as 1/2 Ukrainian and 1/2 Serbian. Our customs of Byzantine Catholic Rite (again, used to be Orthodox if you study how that came to be) and foods are not specific to any type one country now, but places us very close to Ukraine. Below are screenshots of the ship manifests. Again, it is very clear they are both from Tuchla if you ask our family, and it is also clear that this town was very close to a border. There are a few Tuchlas of different spellings, but there is only one that is a small town 10 miles from the border. If you are curious, name spellings are completely butchered. George is Jurko, but they have it translated from cursive as “Jewko,” Jewko Chotomsza (a cursive “L” with a slash through it has a specific pronunciation that is close to an L with a W in Polish). *we are not actually Polish, but we are so darn close I consider them our brethren as well* Grandma was Marya Mylyn, Americanized to Mellon. *we are not related to any rich Mellons* The “Y” being pronounced as we do in Byzantine Catholic Church Slavonic. More details to follow in photo comments...enjoy!!! Any questions about the 2019 Holomshek Family reunion please contact: Joan Holomshek:
Holomshek Ancestry